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Create a positive, lasting impression with interactive, white labeled events that ensure even brand exposure. Maximize engagement with surveys, polls, downloadable resources – or live group discussions via the integrated text chat channel.

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The perfect platform to deliver smooth, professionally produced events, whether panel discussions, sales events, webinars, or more.

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Up to 10,000 attendees for a single session. Up to 10 people (streams) can share the virtual stage at the same time.

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Share screen content, agenda, or minutes so attendees always know what’s going on.

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Enjoy stress-free video production and distribution thanks to the interactive business WebTV solution. Whether streamed live or recorded, expect world-class quality with worldwide reach.

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Confidently stream the content inside your company infrastructure with encrypted transmission to ensure data privacy compliance at all times.

Main Goal

Train brokers to ensure compliance with Insurance Distribution Directive, better known by its acronym IDD. It requires individuals working in the insurance industry to complete 15 hours of continuing education per year.


Vema decided to build a studio dedicated to putting on the air 2 to 3 pieces of training a day for their members: VEMA TV.



Broadcast per year

200K +

Views per year integrated in VEMA LMS

VEMA is a cooperative founded in 1997 by insurance brokers for insurance brokers. The primary purpose is to create added value for our partner companies.

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